Our boutique “El Huerto Criollo”Artisanal and Gourmet Products

Boutique Gourmet "El Huerto Criollo"

Our boutique has the wish to make know our local Maule products to the tourists who don’t have the time to visit the region. The boutique provides a wide range of artisanal and gourmet products, including exclusive products which are selected by the hotel at the best prices.


Artisanal Products Horsehair jewelry, traditional or white sandstone pottery, woolen products, and even products made in wood and iron, salt lamps...


Gourmet and Healthy Products Salt-based products, honey, artisanal jams, olive oils, blue eggs (from the “Collonco” hens), cherry tomatoes, fisalises, strawberries, essential oils...


A “Mate and tee” room To honour a national tradition, a ”mate and tee room” is waiting for you.



Artisans and Craftsmen work with the area to deliver the best and most characteristic of the region of Maule.


Jams, olive oil, honey, eggs ... are just some of the products that await in our Boutique Gourmet.


All weekend prepare to enjoy a different event around a rich "mate" and "tortilla calientita" embers.